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Violence Free Living Choose Forward Workshops are a condensed version of the Violence Free Living Program and are designed to help participants begin to learn how to identify and understand why they make violent choices. Participants are encouraged to continue with the Violence Free Living process to gain more in depth knowledge and resources.


Violence Free Living Speaking engagements are designed to educate the public about the issues of violence in our society and present information about the benefits of Violence Free Living Programs in participating communities. Speaking Engagements are tailored to reach multiple audiences.


Violence Free Living Choose Forward Coaching Program participants are provided with the opportunity to receive on-going supportive services by continuing the benefits of Violence Free Living programs through individual and/ or group coaching sessions. Benefits include a broader and more in depth understanding of their past and who they are, along with the much needed emotional support required during this period of life transformation. Participants receive on-going encouragement to continue to Choose Forward


Services for Men

Our programs for men feature both theoretical and practical approaches to identifying preventative actions against domestic violence in order to create peace and loving home environments. Our programs are open to men nationwide and follow these well researched issues:

  • Anger Management

  • Behavior awareness

  • Domestic violence statistics

  • Effects of domestic violence on children / family

  • Society and domestic violence

  • Creating positive behaviors


Services for Women

Our programs for women are tailored to engage the programs participants in a friendly, face to face interaction. Our process addresses the following issues:

  • Pre violence indicators

  • Identify forms of abuse

  • Setting boundaries

  • Build healthy relationships

  • Identify after effects of abuse

  • Laws governing abuse

  • Domestic violence statistics

  • Intervention programs

  • Post violence indicators

Services for Teens

Teenagers today are tomorrows leaders, therefore our goal is to equip them with the necessary information, skill and knowledge relevant to living a violent free life. Programs for teens include the following topics:

  • Create awareness on various forms of violence e.g. BULLYING, physical and sexual violence.

  • Actively engage teenage groups by identifying ways to become model citizens.

  • Relationship building.

  • Defining social groups.

  • Education & life goals.

  • Defining a Healthy Society.

  • Self-responsibility.

  • Self-respect.

  • A glance into adulthood.


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Domestic Violence Facts: 

  • Each year domestic violence in the U.S. costs tax payers an estimated $6.0 billion dollars

  • Children witness nearly 80% of domestic violence incidents.

  • 67% of teens who witness domestic abuse between their parents have also experienced violence and abuse in their own relationships.