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Lucia Sheehan

is an energetic woman who has a passion for helping others. She was born and raised in Indianapolis and has lived in Indy all her life. Lucia has volunteered at several different not for profit organizations, facilitated bereavement groups for St. Vincent Hospice Center, helped develop the grief groups in Hendricks County, and was Co-Founder for the Irish Children’s Fund in Indy. In 2010 she developed and started her own program called Violence Free Living. Being a woman who, in the past, has lived through and felt the harsh effects of rape and domestic violence, Lucia understands how extremely important and relevant it is to teach others about the types and cycle of abuse. Violence Free Living offers programs designed to explain the history and cycle of the six most common types of abuse (physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, stalking and financial). It explains how to identify the cycle, the entirety of the effects on family dynamics, and most importantly how to break the cycle by setting boundaries and learning how to have healthy relationships. Violence Free Living programs are active in the Marion County Jails (for men and women), re-entry facilities, and in Indianapolis and the surrounding communities. 


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