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Choose Forward

“Our mission is to reduce violence through educational experiences that empower individuals to male positive choices and strengthen relationships.”

Who We Are

Violence Free Living offers solutions to prevent violence in communities through interactive and educational programming. The program teaches participants to look at the causes and cycles of violent behavior patterns through a journey of self-analysis and reflection, and to overcome negative behavior patterns through new awareness of their own power to Choose Forward.

What We Do

The Violence Free Living Programs are designed to help individuals learn how to identify and understand why they make violent choices, assess their behavior stemming from their past, and develop the required skills to change that behavior. Graduates of Violence Free Living programs experience positive changes in their relationships with themselves, their loved ones, and their community.

What We Stand For

Violence Free Living serves Indiana communities through education and awareness around the issues of violence. Violence Free Living programs are designed to educate individuals across all demographics including but not limited to gender, race, age, ethnicity, religion, and orientation. Over 3,000 men/women and teens have already successfully completed the Violence Free Living a Choose Forward program.

The Choose Forward Program:

Our Courses cover the following: 

  • The Cycle of Abuse

  • Emotional Awareness

  • Identifying Manipulation and Control

  • Anger Management Exercises

  • Setting Personal Boundaries

Violence Free Living programs offer a total of 12 hours of instruction in a class setting that includes discussions, group exercises, role plays, writing prompts.

Violence Free Living brings new solutions to communities by empowering individuals to make positive choices and become more productive citizens. Get started today! 

Words from our graduates

“Although some were in this class for a certificate, I personally learned and grew more with this class than any class I have ever participated in. Lucia is a very knowledgeable, inspirational and most of all intelligent woman and I thank you for devoting your time to us. You were excellent! Thank you.”

Antonio, Program Attendee 


“I believe this program will be very helpful to people in abusive situations. Lucia, I have been in counseling for anger management and substance abuse for 2 years and your class was beyond helpful!”

Chris, Program Attendee